VR games will hit the Quest Onward, VR support PC online

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
Recent American game developers Downpour Interactive announced that had been in the Steam VR multiplayer online PC shooter 'Onward is Oculus Quest, the Quest version is Coatsink and cooperative development. Downpour Interactive founder Dante Buckley of VR during economic third season last year announced the Onward is developing the Quest version of the news, and said that this version will be compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and steam Index head show, and support the cross-platform operation. Now Downpour Interactive has fulfilled his promise, not only got more development 'Esper VR' and 'Shadow' Point 'of game developers Coatsink, and makes the Coatsink became the Onward Oculus Quest version of the publisher. Dante Buckley said: 'I for the Onward the upcoming Oculus Quest version was very excited, the development team in just a year at this time they will be based on successful transplantation PCVR version of the game to Quest the platform, the Quest version support for cross-platform game not only, more gives more realistic game. 'The Onward Quest version includes the function of PCVR versions of all standard, has support most single and multiplayer play against 10 players. Games pay more attention to the realistic environment of combat experience, so cancel the small map and shooting the crosshair showed that emphasizes on the player to control of the game world and the cooperation and communication between each other, as well as the reliance of their shooting level to complete the game tasks. Downpour Interactive, said the studio's priority is to continue to optimize the game update, to fix the BUG and improve the stability, and constantly improve the mechanism of the game. It is reported, 'Onward' will officially land Oculus on July 30, the Quest stores released in Early Access mode, sells for $25.
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