VR games the Thief Simulator VR 'real steal experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-21
Recently, making Simulators 2017 Pack and Demolish & amp; Build 'of VR games developers Noble Muffins again up, introduced the Steam platform the Thief Simulator ( The thief simulator) 'VR games, it seems in a simulated game on the road, no one can stop the Noble the steps of Muffins. The Thief Simulator VR ', namely the Thief Simulator. As the name suggests, the VR games is how to teach the player 'when the thief', including prophase investigation, scoring, unlock, password boxes, even after the theft against the tracking and surveillance. 。 。 。 。 。 'When the thief' need to know so many skills. So, why have so many skills but also to when the thief? Previously, the Thief Simulator VR 'once on the Steam released the PC version of VR in experience. At present, the Thief Simulator VR 'have been landed on November 13th, Steam and Oculus Store platform, priced at 14. 99 dollars. And the player with experience version can enjoy the discount! The Thief Simulator VR 'embodied in housing to the difficulty of the level of value: the value only when the lower house breaking into from the back yard sneak into or break the window glass, to break into success; And higher value of the house is equipped with sophisticated defense system, not only need to 'steal' successfully to items, more can't aroused the suspicions of the safety system, otherwise when the alarm, game over! Have to say, the whole simulation very true! Step one: careful reconnaissance for the first time into the game players, don't panic! New tasks will guide players how to do a qualified 'thief'. The most important is to set goals, then need to do a good job of careful investigation. Commonly known as the shoe. After all, if 'steal to half', homeowners to go home, is captured on the spot. Players can use binoculars, holiday items (such as car So much money that is 'stealing'? ) , camouflage and survey and check the number of the house, the owner's work time, activity time, communicate with the neighbor's situation such as life habit; And the owner's economic level, interpersonal relationship; Housing security system level (such as Improper detective bad) 。 In addition, players can also be through a trash can express delivery, delivery receipt information (such as Small make up tiger body an earthquake) And know more about the owner's personal information. May accidentally learned that houses where the spare key. Anyhow, obtain more useful information, intrusion efficiency is higher, the more handy. Step 2: after stealing preparatory work done, 'combat' is about to begin! Players can choose according to the information, the optimal method of breaking into houses. After successful invasion, need to quickly move quietly, and sort out the valuable and precious, such as cash, jewelry, electronic products, etc. , into a backpack. Note that clothing class daily utensils is not worth! Backpack, of course, the blank space is limited, how to distinguish the trade-off, require players to use their judgment. If your luggage is full or feel some kind of invisible power was staring at you, System warning) , please clean up and left the scene quickly, arrived in the bus. If some conditions are passers-by, police, neighbors or homeowners found that don't panic! Please frantically into a bed, chest, etc can compound; Or abandon all items in the backpack, bail waiting for safety. Step three: finish high counterreconnaissance players if choose in homes, doors and Windows of anti-theft system with valuables get difficulty also increases. When using laptops or other electronic devices to crack the password, the need to remove potential track record, GPS application security system, to safety fled the scene. In addition, access to electronic devices, such as: computers, smart phones, VR devices, such as selling needs to delete when using trace, and the GPS positioning system ( IT industry need such talent! ) 。 Access to large tools, such as: automobile, motorcycle, etc. , need to disassemble the parts can be sold. In general, this 'Thief Simulator VR' VR gaming experience is very real, when open the 'theft', often feel sorry for homeowners; And when people in the room, trespassing sense is more obvious. In addition, in the trash can collect data, also remind everyone in daily life, is not carefully according to the personal privacy. This is probably the game reverse education! In addition, the VR games do not recommend minors experience! In order to avoid the impact through.
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