VR games the Pistol Whip, 'new update Dark Skies

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
Last year, one of the most attention by players FPS works including absolutely Cloudhead Games of the Pistol Whip '. It landed in November at age big platform works allows you to like keanu reeves in 'rapidly after the deal with bad people. Since its release, developers have brought fans 'High Priestess' and 'Akuma' updates. Now, fans and ushered in a whole new game update: 'Dark Skies'. The Dark Skies 'update' on a ship diesel punk airship 194 x historical scenario 'for the topic background, the development team, said the topic background from the classical airship' ninja gaiden 'scenario, in addition the game from the movie' rocket man ', 'Sky Captain' and 'the avengers alliance 1' in the visual effect of the action game design inspiration. In addition to the new game content, the update also includes the function of 'antique collection', through the functional system will provide three new wartime handgun and is suitable for the new metal finish all weapons, and to further improve the mechanism of the battle of the entire game. Cloudhead Games, points out that as the company has established for the Pistol Whip 'project development plan for a long time, next month, the update will be in May the Pistol Whip,' launched last monthly updates. With the deepening of the game development, Cloudhead Games planning to launch a major update in the second half of this year, the update will add new scene, a new modifier and new gameplay, bring more rich game content for players. The Pistol Whip 'is a VR shooting game, the players in the game not only to shoot at an enemy can remotely, still can make melee combat, in a fight at the same time, more can dodge bullets! Filled with game battle in dynamic background and strong visual effects for the scenario, let players for this 'passion', immersion. In addition, the 'Dark Skies' update also added a game editor, and add a new dual wield weapons and cancelled the aim for auxiliary functions in order to improve the players winning points for battle.
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