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by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
Has developed the diffuse wei spider-man's famous game studios Insomniac Games for Oculus Rift exclusive development of VR Games 'Stormland Oculus has landed in Rift platform. In the experience, the player will play hero robots, and explore the world of different region in a cloud. This is The Insomniac following The Edge of Nowhere ', 'The Unspoken' and 'Feral Rites' after The fourth VR monopoly game. For this work, the team hope that by magic and charm of narrative techniques for players to present a special kind of immersive experience. The Stormland using half open world, allows games with friends cooperation. In addition, the Stormland will also conduct weekly tasks such as frequently updated form of the game content, this will let players continuously upgraded and play games. From the guard and snipers to flight of unmanned aircraft and missile launchers, Stormland will face all kinds of hostilities. The two new enemies, respectively is lightning fighter and giant cavalry. In the latter, it is a giant machine can form a barrier to protect yourself and other forces. Stormland task tags multiple points, and one can unlock the scanner, in order to reach each scanner, must first fight against the enemy patrol in the region. Due to the limited ammunition, all as far as possible to pick up weapons from their enemies. For players with Insomniac Games hope free roaming option in any environment. This means that each surface can climb, not just in specific areas. This, in turn, has opened up a strategy when dealing with a variety of hostile forces. Insomniac Games's chief visual effects Yancy Young in the Oculus Blog to share more detailed information, and commented: 'we have a cool enemy types, including the shot guns can be used in close combat short-range shock troopers. '' Stormland' world is vast and rich, full of administrative levels sense, worth your quest. Each game ( Area) Provides players with a unique biome. Everywhere is beautiful and dangerous things, and for you to follow one's inclinationsly and discovery. The Stormland isn't FMCG, we want players to replay again. '
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