VR games released the 7: biochemical crisis through fear VR - X sold exclusively

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
Biochemical crisis 7 is currently one of the most popular of the PS VR games, has more than 300000 PS4 players to experience the VR version 7 biochemical crisis, 11 of the total number of the players. 54%. Karp empty also officially launched the gold edition of the biochemical crisis 7, including the latest version of the DLC. Recently, karp empty 'resident evil 7' prequel is coming out. The gold edition of the biochemical crisis 7 contains the complete game ontology, as well as the release before DLC, two previously suppressed fragments, add new DLC 'zoe ending'. And the other a DLC 'not a hero, 不是一个英雄) 'Will be provided free of charge to all have been buying the biochemical crisis 7 players to download and play. It is reported, karp empty this new name for the 7: biochemical crisis through fear ( 预排的恐惧) ', is a VR games, in Tokyo on October 26, ikebukuro VR - shopping square X stall in exclusive sale. It is unclear whether the game will visit Europe and the United States or even other parts of Japan. It is understood that the game 7: biochemical crisis through fear the total length of about 40 minutes, focus on multiplayer gameplay experience, to support the multiplayer mode ( 2 - Four players) 。 In the game, players need to escape from a large estate basement of terror, in order to avoid danger of killer, players must find weapons and escape route. According to the VR - Website X, the vr will also involve large space vr play game, need players to walk freely in the game, from a promotional video can see this is an interactive experience more advanced content. 'Seven biochemical crisis' is indeed a creative wonderful game, whether you are a terrorist game fans or other fans, this is a kind of disturbing experience. The vr game 7: biochemical crisis through fear and 'seven biochemical crisis' in the game world background, is the United States Louisiana, before the biochemical 7 story development, can be regarded as the biochemical 7 before the orthodox, and the role of the biochemical 7 bei ke a home owner: jack baker will return, and play a villain.
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