VR games Paper Beast 'VR will push PC version

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
Paper Beast 'as a wonderful fantasy world as a stage to let players in this body all his creatures are made of Paper to the wonderful world of adventure, VR action adventure game. About a year before, PS VR platform launched a 'origami' 'monster' as the theme of innovative VR games, the selling will get a lot of players as soon as we are. Compared to other VR games pay attention to the shooting, body feeling, music, etc, the Paper Beast '. Though is a game, but more can be thought of as a 'physical and mental pleasure, transcend reality' style of VR games. Within the game, you will be in a sand dune color illusion scene, in addition to the desert, and there was some water, coupled with the pink clouds, the scene will bring you into the new world. In addition, the game you will operate these paper monster, when you switch, adjust it to relax the body and mind. According to the Pixel as developers Reef said: PC VR version will be in the summer in Steam, Oculus, Viveport distribution platform, support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Steam Index series and so on. Pixel Reef also revealed: the PC version of the VR we will also add some new features, such as the mobile can be sustained, and also can present a higher effect on visual effect, and expanded the sandbox mode, add more animals and objects. Author Chahi said: data this wonderful world of enthusiasm, this kind of work hope to make you question your view of the real world. This is a code become a kind of vitality of the world. Finally, the boundaries between physical reality and big data began to fuzzy, used to belong to artificial elements become real, powerful, and can give us a profound impact.
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