VR games Onward, on July 30, the Quest

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
The Onward will be officially land Oculus on July 30, the Quest stores released in Early Access mode, priced at 24. 99 dollars. The Onward is a first person shooter game, to make more immersed battlefield environment, should cancel the traditional shooting game, according to the common small map and shooting the crosshair emphasizes on the player control of the game world and the cooperation and communication between each other, as well as the reliance of their shooting level to complete the game tasks. Downpour Interactive has announced its VR shooter Onward Quest version of the new screenshots. The Onward Quest version include PCVR versions of all the standard features, has support most single and multiplayer play against 10 players. Players will be free in the battlefield, and was to capture and deadly for the final victory. In addition, the game also provide including AUG, M16, M1014 P90, AKS74U, the weight of the Makarov and RPG weapons for players to choose, meet the demand of players fight fire. As one of the popular military simulation shooting game, with the support of VR all-in-one Onward, will implement the multiplayer games, single games and mode of cooperation, and support and PC VR versions of the same game mode. There is no question that the Onward will become one of the biggest winners VR games in 2020.
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