VR games of the western world: awakening chief producer to share their experiences

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
XinYou 'western world: awakening' based on the critically acclaimed HBO television show, and with the same players will play an increasingly show free will robots 'r'. This setting is not only consistent with the original background, players will also be introduced an exciting trip to VR. In the game, the protagonist is an unsuspecting victims, must escape a mad killer robot. The western world: awakening in August on HTC VIve and Oculus Rift/Rift S Steam and Oculus store, it is understood that the offline VR experience shop also can experience. In recent days, Survios chief producer Michael Patrick Clark, chief technology fine arts Kevin Andersen, as well as the project manager and chief engineer Daniel Zeligman invited, was interviewed by the Unreal and share how they conceived in the western world: awakening 'breathtaking game loop. The western world: the awakening also broke through the VR game role model and digital the boundaries of human face modeling, game developers expounds how they make the character's appearance and behavior to achieve maximum BiZhenGan. On the premise of guarantee the graphics have high fidelity, how to make the game to run smoothly. Developers also illustrates how to VR more constrained condition to optimize experience, this emerging media and how to build a truly interactive world. Chief producer Michael Patrick Clark: HBO interaction design team has always been an interest in virtual reality, before also in the western world: delos journey pilot water. They hope to promote the development of the plot in VR way and according to our VR found Survios innovation descent. Daniel Zeligman: 18 months, from start to release the core development team about 12 people, during peak production extended to 35. Finally, Michael Patrick Clark said the biggest advantage is the team itself build and retain a talented team, a group of experienced senior developers and intelligent young man, a lot of people through our internship programs stand out from the crowd.
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