VR games 'half-life: ally,' sell high praise

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
V club after years of half-life new 'half-life: ally, finally in the early this morning to unlock, at the same time the media ratings have also been announced, including IGN presents a perfect score 10 points, this is also the IGN first out of the game. Another well-known media GameSpot would also give the praise of the nine points, a total of 25 at present in merecritic media ratings are given, the current media 93 points average. IGN: let us give time back to VR technology has just started, then we are all in the imagination: we want to use VR swim in a game in the world? For me personally, 'half-life' topped the list, Along with the bioshock) 。 Although since the birth of VR technology has been used for years, but the half-life: ally, not only to achieve the goal of may, even far beyond this. Half-life: ally, in terms of interactivity, details and level design set a new benchmark for VR games, also gives players around the world a truth: when a group of world-class developer: doing my best in new technology, which is a masterpiece. In many ways, the half-life: ally, is like a game from the future, want to catch up with other VR works 'half-life: ally,' I am afraid it will take a very long time, not to mention when can surpass it. Today ( On March 24) Half-life: Alyx launch on Steam, price 163 yuan, support Chinese game. Should always on Steam rated as 'high praise like tide', there are players said the good image lifelike optimization, real physical effect, set up the measure of VR masterpiece. According to previously released news. 'Half-life: ally,' on the platform of Steam booking has more than 300000 copies, for VR games is a very amazing number, this is expected to become the year's best-selling VR games.
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