VR games 'card is the sword: hypercube abyss PSVR landing in April

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
VR virtual reality game project development company Yomuneco announced that will be released in late April and VR sword fighting action game, the card is the sword: hypercube abyss ( 卡冈都亚的剑:Tesseract深渊) PSVR version of. 'Card is the sword: hypercube abyss combines Yomuneco released in June 2019 on the Steam and operating of the VR online sword fighting action game this' the card is the sword, 'and released in December 2019 large update of the hypercube abyss adventure mode of work. This is use VR peculiar sense of Reality to the sword fighting as the theme of VR games, the PC version has been released in June 2019, support the Oculus Quest/Oculus Rift S/Oculus Rift/HTC VIVE/Windows Mixed Reality VR hardware, such as the upcoming is PSVR version of this. Through the introduction and demo video game, we can see that this adopted western magical background of world view, the main European sword fighting against. At the same time, this USES the roguelike game, players can improve their equipment and in the process of fighting capacity. In addition to local mode, this also supports up to 4 players multiplayer online play, players can cooperate with other players to fight the great enemy. In late April this year, the card is the sword: hypercube abyss PSVR version will meet with the player, priced at 2990 yen. It is important to note that the players in the process of using PSVR play also need two PlayStation Move handle, in addition, its PSVR edition does not support the cross online (with other hardware Namely PSVR players with Steam or other players online platform to play) 。
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