VR fitness 'Supernatural' is coming to the Quest limited-time free experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
Oculus announced VR exercise experience 'Supernatural' landing Oculus on April 23, the Quest. This is a subscription-based service immersion fitness experience, and the fitness coach and elegant background at home into your gym. It is reported, and the Beat the Saber 'and so on many kinds of commonly used in fitness game similar to' Supernatural 'also USES part of the pace of play, the difference than it more focused on fitness entertainment, not only can drive the whole body movement, which provide fitness course also more system. On the other hand, is more applications it is more like a virtual gym services, you need the subscription to use, does not support a one-off purchase. It is understood that 'Supernatural' developed by the Within the Company, the Company has launched the AR education Wonderscope and 360 ° VR video application 'Within', has been Fast Company voted 2020 one of the most innovative companies. 'Supernatural' the application of the fitness is unique in that it supports to the whole body customized training, combined with the virtual expert teaching courses, can let you get in VR is similar to the effect of gym teaching. In the process of fitness, will be accompanied by music and vivid 360 ° scenery, experience feeling comfortable enough. And the application will be according to the user's own conditions ( Body inconvenience or endurance) Dynamically change the difficulty, improve your confidence in the process of fitness. In addition, it also bring their own motion tracking applications, can be used with your heart monitor equipment collocation, can also be customized fitness schedule, fitness ranking competition with your friends, etc. Within CEO Chris Milk said: introduce the purpose of the 'Supernatural', is to hope to be able to interact through interesting VR, improve fitness enthusiasm and interest, make exercise a habit for a long time. And the use of VR, can not restricted by space, anytime, anywhere can fitness, save to the gym. In order to experience more like the gym, 'Supernatural' only supports a subscription service, which means you may need to pay to use a month, but every day can get new fitness classes and songs, with the former VR exercise application or game is different. Official explanation, this is to let you won't buy VR fitness after the application is idle, but are paid to use when you need it. 'Supernatural' landing Oculus on April 23, the Quest. It is worth mentioning, the work will provide limited-time free experience time, interested users can click here to join the waiting list.
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