Vr fire simulation, to teach you how to escape the 'raw' day!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-26

the summer vacation will come, many students start their own holiday. Hot summer is often a fire at the level of different sizes, have a plenty of natural disasters, have a plenty of home security hidden danger, more or less has a close relation with you. Disaster is inevitable, frequent fires, hurt is a child. According to statistics, one of our country. More than 2 billions of primary and middle school students, around their security education problem has always been concerned about the focus of the society, science and technology developed can handle the fire now, but the key or a students to save his life. The development of virtual reality technology in different extent, can give a better effect of safety education of the children. Unique: simulation, security, immersion characteristic let the child is no longer in the face of boring words, but lively scene. Really teach you escapes.

in VR virtual technology, experience, as long as put on VR headsets, it broke through the limit of time and space, can not only feel the cruelty of fire, can also according to the screen prompt, pick up the wet towel, bent over, rely on a wall, find themselves & lsquo; Born & rsquo; Exports of real fire escape learning skills. As is known to all, VR ( Virtual reality) Technology can make use of multi-source information fusion and interactive 3D dynamic visual and physical behavior of the system simulation users immersed into the environment, that is to say, the immersive VR world would leave people in these real fire, flood and earthquake disaster scenario, can make people to the greatest extent from the bottom of my heart to know the importance of disaster prevention. So this technology for security education is a very practical effect.

VR type safety education to make knowledge become stereo, visualize, simulate the real environment, in a place, a computer and a head set hardware facilities, let the hundreds of millions of students can live a safe summer vacation, realize social everyone understand early fire fire safety common sense, everyone will be fighting, everyone will be evacuated.

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