VR fire, open your safety education in the new world

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
Mention of VR, ordinary consumers is the first think of VR games, VR movies. As the threshold of the VR lowering experience, most people have more or less exposed to the VR games and VR movies. However, VR in addition to bring people unprecedented experience in the field of entertainment at the same time, more play an important role in many fields, may even save people's lives, such as VR fire. Fire control propaganda and education according to the traditional form of boring boring, there is no interest to participate in, even if participation is also a tour, not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And experience the real fire escape, high cost and risk. VR fire safety training system for experience to provide a variety of fire escape content, including the subway, school, family, shopping malls, office room fire escape scene. Experience is simply put on VR glasses and body equipment, can see the vivid scene. Experience who can learn how to give a warning ring in the system, how to choose the escape routes, if using a fire extinguisher, if self protection ability. VR fire mainly through high-tech VR technology, the reality of fire scenario 100% reduction, let a person, as it were, to maximize the simulating fire scene and the human body all sorts of perception, can let the experience deeply feel the fire is the illusion of around. VR simulator manufacturer of fire protection system will be set in the process of the whole experience prompts, avoid experience panic caused by the fire. Can enjoy it in the process of experience the sensation of a 'real' fire, do the corresponding operation according to the system prompt, in the process of this step by step, study on fire control safety escape knowledge, survival skills, to ensure that the people master of fire fighting and fire escape skills. VR fire, fire evacuation drill with virtual reality technology, and only need a small head of VR show can make people to experience immersive experience, passively accept to active learning, there are both interesting and practical, and can save a lot of the cost. Believe in the near future, VR in popular science education, including the fire escape, and other aspects.
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