VR fire house experience what the role of traditional fire?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

fuhua intelligent technology with all of you here today see VR fire house experience what the role of traditional fire? Fire department in recent years continuously in the light of the characteristics of various types of community conduct fire control safety propaganda, education, regulation and other work, in the mainstream media, public welfare boards, courses and a series of existing way of publicity, has been to explore more effective safety knowledge propaganda tool, form innovation change the way past preaching, VR fire house experience, from the perspective of the community, hope that through experiential education changes the traditional non-computer majors, strengthen education and publicity, and to have the effect of flow experience the use of VR devices, is a effective measure.

VR fire we can from two aspects: VR fire escape and VR safe hidden trouble.

VR fire escape can simulate the real fire scene, under the burning fires surrounded, we need to do to be able very good to protect themselves, and put out the fire. In VR simulation of fire safety in the scene, we can fully understand to the size of the fire, the use of fire fighting apparatus and the method of safe escape, safe escape routes such as those in our true face fire when the knowledge that can come in handy. At the same time, VR fire with the help of the VR technology, and change the boring traditional fire safety knowledge education, to be able to use the game way, let us better learning in a fun environment for fire safety knowledge.

VR hidden perils in safety is our living environment complex in front of us, we need to do is to find the potential safety hazard. A large part of the fire happens in the real life is because we live some didn't pay attention to fire safety in the process of hidden trouble caused by. More panic, we have formed the habit to the fire safety hidden danger. Said mobile phone charging line, how many people are not put out plug, after full of a lot of people will think this is normal, there is nothing to be surprised. But the phone without charging charging line shape condition on the plug in the socket easily form a short circuit, so often leads to the occurrence of fire.

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