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by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
Revolutionary training in today's interconnected world, it is almost impossible to avoid the latest technology. Companies around the world are using the latest connection technology to produce better results and maintain a leading position. Smart phones and tablets and other mobile products is a very good example, but VR may be about to take over. 'Ultimately, VR will as smart phone in the office is everywhere. We expect to see in the workplace of the VR training is the first place. A large number of industry can develop staff skills from using technology benefit and reduce the cost. 'He told the IT professional. 'Just consider aviation, manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries, individuals can use virtual reality technology to practice their roles, and simulation of the disaster was unlikely situations, or in the case of unable to get large expensive equipment. 'These types of training application has been built in VR, we can see in the next few years VR training of explosive growth, because a large number of shipments in support of VR hardware system, and costs continue to drop. In contrast, we think has produced a lot of excitement, but it takes a very long time to deployment of VR in business conference call. 'Combining VR and iot when businesses become larger, more concentrated, they sometimes against the change. Virtual reality is still a new technology, new possibilities emerge. It is generally believed that VR provides a unique opportunity for the enterprise, can create new experience for themselves and their clients. Technology consultancy Cognizant of Britain and Ireland, head of the media, said Chris Lawrence VR has provides a number of possibilities, but when combined with the Internet of things, can achieve more. 'VR has become the first application of industries, can be used for site activities such as custom experience, and can improve the customer experience. Once the VR combined with Internet and sensor technology, will also open up more possibilities. Gathered together, they say, people will be able to 'see' and immediate action, which leads to the rise of new business and work. 'For example, telecommunications companies can use the Internet to monitor set-top boxes, it can be for predictive maintenance and change business processes. Telecoms providers without waiting for the phone when customers encounter problems. Its customers that box will fail, and ask when they want to arrange the maintenance. 'When VR was added to the process, it can be taken to another level - Imagine if the engineer can use the technology of remote repair box. Our everyday objects are increasingly connected to the Internet, the sensors to collect data continuously, once the sensor data and the combination of VR technology, you can create a completely immersive, the experience of sharing and real-time, 'screen' on behalf of our reality. 'Virtual work now, companies face pressure than ever, more flexible, and formulate internal strategy, make the staff's daily work life easier. In fact, if employees are not satisfied and felt they took on too much promise, so they may be out of work. VR can change all that. The end-to-end technology service provider Trustmarque director Angelo Di Ventura said, companies can use VR solutions, to introduce greater flexibility for the daily operation and more collaborative approach. Through the card on the VR headsets, nothing can stop employees to access the virtual work environment. 'Many years ago, if employees want to work, so they have to work in the office, but the work is not in the office - in the future Virtual reality solution is to implement the shift of one of the tools. Colleagues hope to communicate with them via email channels and they found anywhere outside of mutual cooperation. 'Virtual reality provides users with another kind of communication channels, and won't bring them bound to a desktop, and improve the quality of the interaction. Therefore, the staff of vision is the use of virtual reality headset, For example, Microsoft HoloLens or Oculus) Meeting each other in Rift) In a series of site might sound like a vision of 'star trek', I have no doubt that we will be in a very long time to see this type of business plan. 'Simplified professional task Kaltura video technology company products vice President Jeff Rubenstein also think virtual reality will change every aspect of business management and operation. He pointed out that the technology can be used to help professionals specialized tasks in real time. Though these experiences may be costly for the company, but will reduce the risk and safety. 'Through the combination of VR headsets and dial the piece, the user can virtual operating tools to learn how to repair equipment of certain defects. This is clearly in reality or in a simulated dangerous conditions ( In the fire, for example, or water, 'he said. VR will also be used to enhance certain aspects of the work. On real-time video experience added enhancement layer, for example, will help to guide the maintenance and maintenance staff. Chart or repair instructions can be superimposed on the task, that is to say by robot technology directly in the physical environment or remote repair. Even such as remote boot and VR enhancement surgery in the not too distant horizon. VR technology development, more and more complex functions are becoming available, which will further improve the practicability of VR in the field of enterprise. Such as full records from text-based reports to training the ability of development from trainers and staff will allow more detailed and dynamic feedback.
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