VR experience shops operating originally so easy!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
VR offline experience pavilion for a lot of friends are not strange, now VR gaming devices has been popular in our life, many people have to VR virtual reality world also to have certain understanding and interest, so at this point, seize the consumer's preferences, open offline experience pavilion is the best choice. But how to open a VR experience pavilion, and realized how to operate? On the location, the equipment, and operating service are important parts of operations, you get to the, you will find that the VR experience store operation turned out to be so simple. For investors, even with money but can't run, then the experience shop could not do. That today is just like you said the VR experience store operations. First is siting, considering the particularity of VR experience pavilion, most ordinary group for virtual reality VR technology has not cognitive, so in siting should not only consider the consumer crowd positioning, and considering the experience pavilion at the core of survival factors - — Tourist traffic. VR experience hall usually should, therefore, choose the comprehensive shopping malls in the stream of people concentrated, YouLeCheng, cinema, scenic spot, etc. , simple VR equipment experience in the Internet bar, museum, science museum and other places. Location by the way, the next is the means to attract consumers by decoration, promotion and so on. Second is the equipment, VR offline experience pavilion, of course, the most important thing is the user experience, therefore, is especially important in the equipment selection. Also enter the experience pavilion by most consumers may be the cognition of VR is limited, therefore, can arrange some threshold level of VR low consumption experience. On the software requirements are some basis of VR games and video immersed scene, length of time without too long. In addition, the experience of planning on best experience has its own window, window with advanced, novel and science and technology feeling strong is a plus, game content, simulation is, immersive, interactive, requirements on best excellence. If in addition to computer and head wear, equipped with complete VR games, game peripherals, equipped with a certain scale immersive experience. At present domestic this aspect may refer to the two theme of VR experience, one kind is racing theme of VR and body feeling experience, one kind is immersed gaming experience of wireless VR. Racing VR experience is also simple racing simulator and wearing a facility. Because the stimulation and somatosensory racing to cover a large portion of the crowd love games, video games and automobile, plus VR stunt, become nearly two years experience in VR domestic pavilion try the way of water. The last is to highlight operations to do propaganda, open the charging mode, additional services. VR offline experience pavilion was successful, in addition to the VR devices, and experience the content window, charging mode and the additional services is also important factor. Charge according to the normal dealer cost recovery forecast mode, equipment experience, experience the pavilion, visitors and the local consumption idea and consumption level to decide, so businesses need careful on pricing, should not only conform to the VR experience pavilion's positioning, nor high for consumers to stay at a respectful distance from sb. As for the skills of how to increase traffic in addition to the regular activity promotion, holiday breaks, families, groups and members, such as pattern, also need to pay attention on VR equipment selection. For example the car racing simulator, racing sports equipment + experience science and technology are the most inclined to attract groups of young consumers, in combination with equipment vendors can hold the car racing activities regularly, competitive game experience, after all, has a certain appeal for young, once the play all kinds of movies. Another is that at the early stage of the experience pavilion for propaganda window and cost recovery, businesses can combine VR experience and other operating subject, such as: entertainment, video games, Internet cafes, board games, social, recreational, club, etc. , on the one hand, reduce the investment risk, on the one hand, rich experience pavilion income channels. See it, feel operating actually not difficult, so don't because of the operation to missed such a good investment projects. Hurriedly open your new and profitable business tour, VR simulator manufacturer specialized operating team, allows you to run.
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