VR escape disaster theme of 'the unique body breaking bad city Plus 4: summer memories, VR games

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Urban 4 plus the unique body breaking bad: summer memories is by Granzella Inc. Made disaster survival theme of adventure game, players play the trapped victims, efforts to survive in a sinister environment were bailed out. This was set on a hot summer day. A big earthquake happened suddenly, the whole city into a collapse and chaos. Recently, the formal launch PC version of the game and log in Steam, GOG and DMM platform. ) as the unique main disaster theme to escape breaking the city 'series of the latest, the unique body breaking bad city Plus 4: summer memory issue PC, PS4 and Switch hardware platform, in order to for series fans on each platform to provide the latest' escape route 'experience. This story is set in July 201 x, you will play in order to attend an interview and came to the leading role of the metropolis, and suffered an unprecedented large earthquake. In order to survive, you will be in continuous aftershocks of wandering around a strange city, side face each other and help each other and the victims of the hostile to each other, to gather intelligence on one side, and finally managed to escape from the city has collapsed. In addition to the PC version ontology game, you can also choose to VR model, with a more immersed way to experience the real 'big disaster'. Actually, as opposed to just online PC version and the version Switch, PS4 version of this book has already been launched, and include support PSVR VR levels. In the current numerous action adventure game, the main disaster escape the theme of the work is very few, this may itself with Japan is a country with many natural disaster, producers hopes to build such a series of works, can let the player more immersive experience to the disaster to the sufferings of the people and its influence. Believe as this land more platform, there will be many more players could feel this kind of hard to realize in the scene and mood. In the current 3 a masterpiece and independent parallel game time, as in the picture shows or level design, and many other aspects are not outstanding, but perhaps it is because this is one of the reality and disaster theme, coupled with the recent new crown virus outbreak ( Also belong to a kind of natural disasters) Worldwide, this for the launch of the particularly notable.
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