VR equipment manufacturer HTC official Vive users report comprehensive interpretation

by:Fuhua     2020-11-15

let's for a change today, together to taste the HTC official analysis report the truth behind the bar & ndash; —

from the point of actual content, VR equipment manufacturer HTC Vive user end of the report to be released this picture much less data, belongs to the typical user population information schema profile; Complete through the later, we can draw the following points:

VR equipment manufacturer Vive users questioned in the survey, nearly 95% are men; And on that account for nearly 40% of the total number of 2500 people among non Vive, male proportion is also close to 90%. Although not clear the report of the sampling position is shaolin temple or armored force engineering institute, from above the women at the top of the market has great potential title, VR equipment manufacturer HTC official clearly convey to us a view:

Vive female users is too little, now we try to develop up half the sky mass market!

- — Unfortunately, however, I'm afraid the reality not so simple.

why you ask? Let's think a key question:

VR equipment manufacturer HTC Vive look like?

compared to the Oculus Rift and PSVR that covered the face of the modelling of a piece of bread, a larger volume, contour more fruity and cratered VR equipment manufacturer HTCVive gives the impression of significantly closer to this stuff:

1. Number of investigation & amp; Gender differences.

as shown above, this report drafted a total of 2500 respondents, including sixty percent ( 62%) Vive users and close to forty percent ( 38%) Non Vive user & ndash; — As for the 38% of non Vive users is to use equipment outside Vive VR users or outright didn't contact with VR eat the melon masses, no comment. In addition, the survey population sex ratio is a little interesting & hellip; …

2。 Age level.

after 80 VR equipment manufacturer survey is Vive user's absolute main force!

think it is not difficult to understand, as the main body, at this stage left campus on social workers while financial freedom is usually also has the very big difference, but at least you can free to earn much more money than the students in the period of work; Because of this, VR equipment manufacturer, said even Vive this price cost is much higher than general 3 c products equipment, to temporarily not to mortgage stress after 80 and even 90 former users, still is a goal worth tasting.

so, now that you've framed the target user's gender and age range, and whether we can give the Vive to develop a more accurate content direction? The answer is yes & ndash; — Of course I know most people's first reaction would be adult VR, but if your ambition is not only to create that kind of pure electronic consumer products, so I solemnly recommend a work:

regional distribution VR equipment manufacturer to tell you, the suspense is not big, 3 again became the Vive users enrichment area; In addition, it is easy to see, from the regional distribution of the consumption market in the area south of Yellow River Vive activity significantly better than the north area. Regardless to scrutinize the north-south differences behind the economic factors, for the entrepreneurs, this fact itself is hidden a user requirements of the market:

heat dissipation.

as external HMD, VR calorific value of the equipment manufacturer HTCVive itself isn't too much; But used as to skin and eyes with users direct contact with the display device, even if the eyepiece itself with anti-fog effect, sultry eyes closed environment is enough to make this so-called strongest VR devices on the market at a discount greatly practical experience & ndash; — Wearing glasses and users need not to mention the lens on the condensation of fog khan fight how uncomfortable. Considering the environment in the south is far far more than the north area, hot and humid active cooling ventilation components clearly and market demand, of course, should be how to implement the specific to the product design level, that is you entrepreneurial elite issue to consider.


based on VR equipment manufacturer HTC official rhetoric, in Vive user groups, iPhone penetration than android slightly higher, considering the ratio is higher than the percentage of iPhone users Vive user groups, and the market share of China's mobile phone market in the global iPhone equipment, Vive user's overall consumption level is higher that seem to make sense & ndash; — However, considering the iPhone and android devices used in the user, the inference may not only bring positive results:

compared to apple electronics out-of-the-box overhand difficulty, VR equipment manufacturer HTCVive this Geek user oriented equipment is too complex. If not in this area by means of software and hardware to make up for, today's Vive market prospects for development, perhaps will not so ideal as HTC official report forecasts.

it calculating do not calculate pain points for entrepreneurs to a third party, considering the actual Vive currently installed capacity is not so significant, as the icing on the cake third-party accessories products whether can have effect to promote the growth of sales, I'm afraid not so simple & ndash; — Expand the market of this kind of business is definitely HTC official mission, as a third party entrepreneur, as long as we do their part of the Add - On the task, isn't it.

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