Vr equipment leasing what problem should note?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-09

as amusement vr equipment cost increases, buy amusement vr equipment is very expensive, so a lot of businesses to enter the amusement of vr equipment industry want to lease amusement VR simulator, but the lease must pay attention to what? It also a headache for many investors, about amusement vr equipment leasing to pay attention to some of the problems?

a, leasing contract.

before the lease must see the lease contract of unfettered, accomplish know fairly well, so as not to be thoughtless and occurrence dispute. Contract in duplicate, stamped and effective, the contract must be signed in duplicate, a, b both sides each hold one copy. Contract will be effective from the date of stamp, you must pay attention to the contract need to seal between two parties, the lack of one party.

2, cost of rent.

before the lease, the first to know about the price, equipment leasing length, depreciation, management fees and expenses for the repair is reasonable, do a simple budget. Other disputes so as to avoid in the process of our rent fee.

three, lease manufacturers.

the stand or fall of differential rent manufacturer to see whether the manufacturer whether is normal manufacturer include: business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, fastener production license.

at the time of lease amusement vr devices, be sure to check whether the equipment is in good condition, whether can run normally, and sign the leasing agreement, clear responsibility, once appear, accident or other matters, clear responsibility, guarantee the lawful rights and interests.

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