VR entrepreneurship, and VR market prospects?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-31

startup 丨 panoramic VR market and prospects

the advent of the era of 5 g, VR ( Virtual reality) Industry increasingly hot, now can say VR panoramic market is undoubtedly combined the best way and the real economy, more and more people are added to the VR panoramic entrepreneurial community. Below we little star for you introduce a panoramic VR and market prospects.

- 01 - Market demand

a few years ago the electricity business impact in solid business sales is bad, but for countries to curb the development of the electricity, it will be more serious. So many entities are in urgent need of improving customer experience, in order to gain competitive advantage, and VR panoramic immersive visual experience, there is no doubt that the perfect solved the problem. According to the data statistics using the VR panoramic entity, the average sales were down by 20% than before at least improve & ndash; 30%.

- 02 - Visual enjoy

now people more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, because the average person is not satisfied with the plane in the mobile phone TV computer video, more want to experience the feeling of a at the cinema 3D, then naturally VR was born, is ultimately a higher demand of people's life, the pursuit of a higher visual enjoyment.

- 03 -

industry development

in the future there will be a VR panoramic virtual shopping platform, in this platform entity dealers can be in the form of VR panoramic trading and marketing, consumers never leave home can immersive experience every corner of the world.

, for example, your family will go to travel, by VR, panoramic, as it were, to see a full range of attractions, deserve to go up again a introduction, direction, guidance of phonetics, absolutely perfect. The entities in the platform, to join the unique marketing system, such as rain, filled wall, effect is not too good.

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