VR earthquake disaster simulation training will become a kind of what kind of trend?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-25

we can know the earthquake actually is a very common phenomena of nature, his sudden stronger, off guard, in a short period of time can cause a lot of houses collapsed and casualties, it is hard to than other natural disasters. While traditional education just give students knowledge, causes students to lose interest in learning. With the progress of science and technology, VR technology is also booming, removal of entertainment, it also in all kinds of disaster prevention has played a big role.

the most effective way of training is immersive experience in the scene. VR earthquake escape through adding all kinds of natural disasters of real scenes, visual elements can be added to the earthquake experience, making it more realistic. People can through the VR software in schools, shopping malls, office and other scene experience the earthquake process, and learning how to deal with when the earthquake, in these places so as to avoid loss of life.

VR earthquake disaster evacuation system using 3D reducing dimensional reality scenes and high-risk accident process. Using virtual reality technology, let users really in danger, through a series of instructions to let the user experience escape process, through this Gao Gan intellectual experience, can help the user to deepen understanding of the knowledge of safe escape.

VR earthquake disaster evacuation system can provide better escape sudden earthquake skills training. By simulating the earthquake scene, that through visual, auditory and other experience immersive experience at the time of the earthquake was felt, ground shaking scenarios, such as by physically perceive the horrors of the earthquake, the earthquake escape and have a better understanding.

the safety training using the VR technology has almost become a kind of new education method, virtual reality can be used to help students build vivid, vivid learning environment, so that the students through the true feelings to enhance memory, compared with the passive infusion, let the students find it easier to accept, more easily this way.

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