VR cinema era has comprehensive and VR games

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

gome in held a press conference in June this year, officially launched the world's first VR theatre at the meeting. VR technology is also officially presented to the people in this way, it also means the global VR technology has entered a new stage. In the VR theaters, the user can experience the VR viewing pleasure. In other areas also have applied to VR technology, such as through VR can experience the 3D printing. All of these marks, VR we are a step closer to the real world.

in gome VR theater at the same time, the other side of the IMAX theater also increase investment in VR, and in part of the theater has also installed the VR games, so after watching movies at the cinema, can experience in VR games. Some people say that VR technology has been more and more near to us now, believe that later will apply in more fields, and will become more popular.

through the use of advanced VR devices, to bring us into another world, to feel what happened in another world. And it also can realize the interaction of virtual environment, for players to experience the more realistic game environment. Can imagine, I can pass the VR games back in the dinosaur s, fight with the dinosaur, this is a how exciting thing.

of course, VR can achieve something far more than these, the concept of VR is not these two years, in the early 90 s has the concept of VR. But why this two years are suddenly hot? The author thinks that there are several reasons:

in the first place, the VR technology matures, reduced cost, VR is no longer a rich man's plaything.

second, the industry giant, increasing investment, promote the development of technology and more commercial.

in the end, is the experience of VR effect is more outstanding, bring the unprecedented new experience to the user.

as a result, we believe that the VR technique will bring more surprise to us in the future and experience!

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