VR campus security experience pavilion, the main content have?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-27

fuhua intelligent technology with all of you here today see VR campus security experience pavilion, the main content have? School violence and injury events make schools safe return to public attention. The importance of campus safety and state, the future development of society and the physical and mental health of students. With the person this, not only in body and mind, but more important is the safety instruction and guidance, so that teachers and students can clearly understand the importance of VR in the campus security experience campus security and harm.

VR campus security scope, content, VR security interactive experiential learning roughly divided into seven aspects:

a, bumps. Intense physical exercise, for example, chasing, play, pushing, running, jumping or match strike and fall;

2, falling from the sky. Chase, fight, or in the corridor and high-risk slip and fall caused personal injury;

three, accidental injury. Sharp objects, or due to squeeze the door, the teaching material, a desk and a chair caused by accidental injury;

4, fire safety education. Ban on campus open flame, firecrackers, etc. Fire is not correct, when laboratory library drying, how to save themselves and to escape;

five safety education, traffic accident. Walk, bike, cycling and so on to pay attention to the traffic rules, so as to avoid accidents;

6, food safety education. Should buy what sign for food, what food source is unknown or expired, and can't eat;

7, universal laws and safety science. Fraud, has the legal consciousness and abide by the laws and regulations, not illegal.

the student is a blank sheet of paper, teachers and parents in teaching children in the future life more brilliant. Quality education is to point to in keeping the culture at the same time, improve the law, fire protection, comply with civility, lay a foundation for the future development of the society.

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