VR bike, give you different riding experience!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17
VR bike, wonderful ideas alone. Fitness is very important, the mood is more important, in the picturesque scenery pleasant scene, cool ride you bike, enjoying the scenery along the way, believe that must be a beautiful mood. By fuhua intelligent technology company is one of the first VR bike, meet your imagination, let bicycle fitness no longer drab, let you never leave home, out of, give you a surreal life! ! VR cycling is a virtual reality body feeling machine, bike ride from appearance, VR bike frame looks very has the sense of science and technology, higher than ordinary bicycle big some, security, appearance; Through virtual reality head-mounted glasses display, can perfect experience feeling panoramic cycling ( Full 3D, real-time follow tourist body and head movement, millisecond response speed) 。 VR bikes on the basis of computer simulation, using virtual reality glasses and computer real-time CG, force feedback and intelligent sensors, etc. , to simulate a player riding experience based on reality and beyond it. VR bike is how to achieve the functions of so much?

( 1) Through computer real-time rendering of virtual reality head-mounted displays cycling environment, give a rider to create virtual ride environment;

( 2) Speed bike stampede by motion sensor real-time acquisition, leading direction and filed strength, revise virtual environment through the physics engine;

( 3) Through force feedback device, the virtual riding conditions by damper reaction to the real world, control cycling dynamics; Can also through the six degree of freedom platform, experience the real riding on cornering, downhill, deceleration motion, etc.

( 4) Through computer CG technology to create a virtual circuit and the environment, let the rider safe to experience the adventure of transcending reality.

from 2 d to 3D, and VR, people puts forward higher requirements on entertainment experience. VR bike riding, sports, entertainment and a perfect fusion of VR technology, has received extensive attention of many gamers and fitness enthusiasts, it is not just a game, it is suitable for kinds of entertainment, such as video games city, gym, amusement parks, entertainment clubs, and the future, and even to every family!

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