VR bicycle, surreal experience

by:Fuhua     2020-11-06

virtual reality bike, more interesting sport!

VR bicycle was invented the most modern environmental walking and travel tools, at the same time as a competitive sport, also has a long history.

now we bring technology into the traditional athletics project, let you experience unusual movement in the process of riding experience.

virtual reality technology + bicycle

surreal: whether high speed road cycling, or breathtaking mountain bike, or exciting air bikes, in the world of virtual reality can let you realistic experience immersive feeling beyond reality.

virtual reality VR bicycle is based on computer simulation, using virtual reality glasses and computer real-time CG, force feedback and smart sensors to simulate a riding experience based on reality and beyond it, the characteristics of basically has the following several aspects:

1, through virtual reality helmet display computer real-time rendering of cycling environment, give a rider to create virtual ride environment;

2, speed bike stampede by motion sensor real-time acquisition, leading direction and filed strength, revise virtual environment through the physics engine;

3, through the force feedback device, the virtual riding conditions by damper reaction to the real world, control cycling dynamics; Can also through the three degree of freedom platform, experience the real riding on cornering, downhill, deceleration motion, etc.

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