VR application education 'HistoryMaker VR on SteamVR launch on August 13

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
HistoryMaker VR is a middle school student oriented education content creation tools, and the application by the popular VR Games 'I Expect You to Die,' developers Schell Games development, will be launched on SteamVR on August 13. It is reported, 'I Expect You to Die, in the Oculus Quest platform trading break through $2 million, not including other platforms, the popularity of the game. Schell, meanwhile, the Games also has several other VR Games, for example: 'Until You Fall', 'Water Bears VR', but also includes 'Enemy Mind', 'the Mission: It 's Complicated', 'Orion Trail, such as conventional PC game. The software can be thought of as a application about famous figures in American history, but also a support for custom applications. Within the application includes eight historical figures: Benjamin Franklin ( Benjamin Franklin) Abigail Adams ( 阿比盖尔·亚当斯) Tecumseh ( 特库姆塞) Abraham Lincoln, 亚伯拉罕·林肯) Harriet tubman ( 哈丽雅特·塔布曼) Mark Twain ( Mark Twain) George Washington carver ( George Washington Carver) Sonia sotomayor ( Sonia Sotomayor) In simple terms, this is like a tells the history of the United States by means of cartoonish characters of VR applications, at the same time it also supports to create the history of the cartoon characters, including upload pictures and video speech, also can undertake virtual scene interaction, etc. HistoryMaker VR will be launched on August 13, SteamVR, price is 9. 99 dollars. HistoryMaker VR will support a series of VR platform, including the Oculus Quest VR all-in-one, let more students through VR education to promote the fun of learning. In addition, in order to enlarge the influence of VR in the classroom, the application will be provided free of charge in release for education workers.
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