VR again near 2018 Tokyo game show, the strength to win recognition in overseas markets

by:Fuhua     2020-08-31
Recently, the world's second largest gaming expo - — Japan's international game show ( TGS) 2018 held in Tokyo, the game began in 1996, it 'as the world's only computer entertainment show', together with the game industry got rapid progress, two consecutive successful joy the guest's products have been the Tokyo TGS, future series products in the exhibition scene once again become the focus, to attract a large number of fans. Boisterous scene high-end booth, stunning appearance 2018 TGS the guest product with SONY, sega, nintendo entertainment, square, ten thousand south dream palace: companies, such as Microsoft, konami pilot game leading enterprises participating together, success laid the guest products in the international clout. According to official statistics, the Tokyo game show 2018 refresh successive record! Total up to 668 exhibitors, beyond the up to 2016 in 614, in the history of the total export location 2338, beyond the history up to 2015 in 2009. Future series exclusive 360 ㎡ exhibition stand, swashbuckling, power suction eye! Future series of products for the players love series product is the guest's latest VR experience pleasure series products, game content all-encompassing, blue and white appearance is very cool, original sega group executive director tian Tian was a good teacher, 'Sally wood' series game producer suzuki margin, the theme song for 'digital baby step producer miyazaki, and comedian have wild section chief and so on bosses, on-site experience joy future series of products, highly. International quality products by Japan PSE certification, reliable as the global economy integration, in order to in line with international standards, many countries have formulated laws and regulations for the safety of all kinds of goods, energy saving, environmental protection and other technical indicators to limit, both to protect their own industry and the market level, also formed a certain technical barriers. Japan is a country safety regulations system more complex. Foreign products to enter the Japanese market, will face a high threshold. Guest product has passed the certification of PSE, PSE authorized qualification effectively maintain both le guest product quality to gain international affirmation, also passed the CE - le guest products ROHS eu certification, also shows that we can continue to global export high quality virtual reality products! Le guest's product appearance at the 2018 TGS, intentional convention guests show the latest product research and development, and is ready to accept the test of the global market, le guest product to two years in a row at the Tokyo game show, also confirmed the quality customer products, team with international vision, so far, VR simulator manufacturer products have been exported to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea, dubai, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, more than 40 countries and regions. 'For the masses to bring happiness, create value for customers' as our mission, is committed to bring profits and become your best partner!
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