Viveport wireless streaming online, support 5 GHZ WiFi connection PC

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
Recently, according to foreign media reports, the original HTC plans to Viveport infinite members in Q4 open Viveport streaming function testing, after a period of delay, the user can now in Vive Focus Plus first experience on PC VR games. Reported that infinite members as long as the PC Viveport shops and Vive Focus Plus system upgrade to the latest version, after turn on the relevant option, be in the absence of a third party plugins and auxiliary wire under the premise of through the same 5 GHZ Wi - Fi network easily will the VR content streaming all wear devices on the computer, one key operation can be easy to play in the VR on integrated chang thousands of PC VR applications. It is understood that Viveport earlier this year was first introduced VR field unlimited membership service - — VIVEPORT unlimited membership service. Users in other VR content downloaded content platform, as long as open Viveport interface, can play through Viveport streaming functions in one machine. Obviously, the function and the Oculus Link posted on the OC6 somewhat similar, but the two companies in the propagation medium a somewhat different way of thinking, or order end solutions now. Oculus Link based on USB 3 at present. 0 cable Link, while Viveport streaming based on 5 GHZ WiFi network, of course Oculus Link must also develop toward wireless at last. Viveport streaming as compared with other connection methods, direct integration into Viveport original function, on the use of convenience and stability will have certain advantages. In addition to Vive Focus Plus, HTC has also said it would 'continue to support' all based on Vive Wave platform 6 dof movement of VR devices. If you have this kind of product, may soon be able to play to the advantages of its products. In the age of 5 g, cloud VR is today's hot topic. The future, the development of the 5 g network will be overwhelming, using super computing power of the cloud, 5 g will enlarge the performance of VR, and at the same time reduce the energy consumption of the equipment. VR will no longer limited to local hardware and storage. When 5 g with VR, VR movies and cloud may be the biggest game 5 g applications, VR all-in-one maybe will usher in the second spring.
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