Virtual reality vr racing experience stadiums

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

Vr virtual reality is a kind of car by using virtual reality Vr racing simulator of virtual reality technology design, mainly includes the Vr headsets or Vr glasses, mainframe computers and related accessories model. Players in the world of virtual reality is also true, also can handle all kinds of luxury cars, famous around the world on the track. Whether it is a mountain, water, sand fall sense of ups and downs when, or turn on the track of a spin or drift ground friction, can achieve immersive experience.

the fuhua intelligent virtual reality technology the car the most liked by young people. Went as a star brand of VR technology, intelligent technology VR racing on the first day of the festival is surrounded by young people's eyes. Here at the beginning of the opening to lining up early in the team, people swarmed all quick give flooded the booth, with a kind of to describe is not exaggerated.

this is a what kind of technology, could have such a high popularity? According to vr car workers, fuhua intelligent technology vr racing simulator is a use of force feedback technology, simulate the real racing experience motion-sensing simulation products. Motion-sensing simulation on this field in domestic, fuhua intelligent technology vr racing is the most powerful and is doing the best.

vr racing simulator can real-time monitor the game operation, road conditions, through the bottom of the seat electric cylinder vibration and tilt. Cooperate with professional steering wheel, gear, foot brake device to simulate the real driving experience.

the player in the process of driving simulator, open a gravel road when the car, the seat will sway; Vehicle collision seat would lean forward, the steering wheel swing; Vehicle shift accelerated, the chair will have a short thrust, produce TuiBei move; When car fly up, there will be risen, high-altitude falling is straining feeling. These exquisite and feedback of vr racing simulator, can let you experience the process of full of tension and excitement.

fuhua intelligent technology is a professional research and development of VR manufacturers, select VR racing car, choice of the fuhua intelligent technology.

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