Virtual reality industry in China market increased 164% year-on-year

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
In recent years, the rapid expansion of virtual reality in our country market planning, industrial set different high speed. Calculated according to the virtual reality industry alliance, virtual reality industry in China 2017 planning has reached 16 billion yuan, increased 164% year-on-year. Deputy director general of ministry of industry and electronic information Wu Shengwu is leaking at the news conference, miit will arrange drawing up 'about accelerating coaching mindset of virtual industry, promote the industrial development of virtual reality. Center skills for breaking 'now, in the center of the virtual reality in our country have gained many break the key skills in product development, some skills on the international front. 'Wu Sheng wu says. On the interaction skills, our country has dealt with VR headsets are wire bundle, announced the world's first VR eye locating module. On light field skills, the light field photograph system completes the high precision 3 d modeling, arrived at submillimeter accuracy level. In the end products, domestic VR glasses has been successfully used in the in the mind of the astronauts' space 'slow. In recent years, our country's virtual reality industry related policy documents to its center skills related to decorate. After the ministry of United Nations in 2016 to carry out the change committee drew up the smart set different hardware industry to carry out the special action ( 2016 - 2018) ', put forward to accelerate the development of virtual reality devices and industrialization, improve the level of product function, performance and industrial planning, strengthen the virtual reality, the increase of the center of the actual key skill set, appeared support to strengthen the new human-computer interaction, new equipment, such as dynamic environment modeling and sensing skills development. In 2017, the ministry has appeared almost eye, CPU, foil and so on five big virtual reality center skills listed in the 'industrial key generic skills to carry out the strategy ( 2017) 》。 The ministry will also arrange to formulate 'about accelerating virtual reality industry to carry out the coaching mindset', from a strategic planning of the virtual reality industry to carry out the policy, the development way and the main points of the mission, supporting virtual reality center key skills and product development, strengthen the production, with coordinated collaboration, promote the basic theory, common skills and use of research, accelerate virtual reality machine equipment, cognitive interaction such as product development and industrialization. 'oriented to virtual reality to industry needs, support the construction of public service channels, supply ability and technological transfer, test implementation, information communication, set up different incubation service, such as optimizing industrial development environment. Together, develop specifications for industrial guide support effect, strengthen the specification system top level planning, focus on basic, public welfare, and the key skills and products of national/professional norms proposed changes to the job, useful support and service industry. 'professional blend in accelerated according to introducing, 'about accelerating coaching mindset of virtual reality industry will focus on promoting virtual reality skills blends with other professional conduct, as' VR +' strategy, strong practicability, good skills of virtual reality, products in the point of demonstration vocational, characteristics, category of use. 'virtual reality skills let people from two-dimensional plane international into the three-dimensional solid space. 'Wu Shengwu reply economic daily reporter asking questions show that the virtual reality skills were gradually, with manufacturing, cultural entertainment and other professional rapid blend, used in more and more widely to deepen. Can say, virtual reality skills are changes people's life and produce way, as the Internet and mobile phones. Virtual reality skills has soaked into the daily life of the people day. Many real estate companies introduced virtual reality, VR panorama house become a bright spot, never leave home can overview example room. More traditional online shopping, VR shopping can show the shape of the products, to customers in the store the same shopping feeling really, customers can virtual fitting in the home, can be purchased furniture to better fit the home environment. Category in games, VR supply addicted to type in the security experience, open the new situation and new cultural entertainment. In addition, the industrial category of VR glasses, AR ( Enhance actual) Glasses, can participate in long distance counseling, visualize, installation, operation training, data collection, and other links. In education category, VR can supply traditional lecture hall hall can't do indulge learning experience, arouse the students' activity and initiative. Skills in medical category, virtual reality has been in clinic to help heal some heart diseases, virtual human and virtual anatomy, virtual surgery has been used in medical university teaching. In the news broadcast category, the domestic many media has now managed to virtual reality skills used in news reports. 'skills in the future, virtual reality will be widely used in education and training, health care, games, entertainment, travel, film and television animation, digital network communication and digital media, such as real estate sale category, in the shape function of existing products, to serve the existing form, business form a huge changes, people's life will be for the use of virtual reality skills become increasingly boast one. ”
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