Virtual Desktop VR the Quest edition of the Virtual Desktop sales amounted to $3 million

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
The Virtual Desktop 'is a can through Windows Desktop VR to view the remote application, can be thought of as many remote Desktop/remote control version of VR applications. Was originally released in 2016 in the application of valve, support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and the Windows MR head. Recently the Virtual Desktop VR Virtual Desktop application developers Guy Gondin announced that the application in the Oculus Quest store's total sales of more than $3 million ( Do not include to Facebook platform into) Mark, sold about 15 per ( Quest version for 19. $99) 。 It is understood that the most developed by Godin one complete, only part such as art is completed through outsourcing. It is understood that Oculus Quest stores closed ecological form, in spite of this Quest since its launch last heat, in May this year the total trading platform store has reached $100 million, and at that time already has more than 10 application sales break through $2 million, including the Moss, the Pistol Whip, 'and so on. , unlike the VR games, the Virtual Desktop 'is a more practical tools, the main function is to realize the streaming with VR all-in-one PC, can let you in the first show of watching movies, surfing the web or in a computer to play games. In addition to the Oculus Quest, the application is also compatible with Steam, the Oculus Go and Rift. Quest edition of the Virtual Desktop 'is a hidden function, can let you in Quest of streaming PC VR games, but in the Oculus request this feature has been removed from the official version of the application, players need to pass in SideQuest download a patch to continue to experience. Godin said: I think most of the Quest 'Virtual Desktop users download via SideQuest corresponding patch, the ratio could be 90%. That is to say, although the Oculus banned PC VR streaming function, the user's demand is not affected, they are still the function can be obtained by other means. In addition to further enhance the experience, Godin also add in the gesture recognition function. Guy Godin also said that at present who want to gain more freedom in the VR environment Quest users, they can through the Oculus Link, sharing Wi - compatible cable Fi network, such as streaming transmission form to solve on the Quest PCVR games brought about by the performance issue. Thanks to the Virtual Desktop is compatible with the Quest gesture tracking function, to load the application of the latest update Virtual Desktop users can directly control the PC Desktop, can even Touch the handle through simulation experiment function to expand some manipulation of the permissions to PCVR game.
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