Virtual concert start-up Wave, completed 30 million B round of funding

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
Virtual reality social music platform Wave main held in virtual reality, virtual concerts and live performance, has won a $30 million B round of funding. So far, they have raised $40 million. The company recently completed by Maveron collar, Griffin Gaming Partners, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Avex, Superfly Ventures, Convivialite Ventures, Raised in Space, Scooter Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Superfly co-founder Rick Farman and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and $30 million B round of funding. The company plans to include the investment for virtual concert VR games and social networking, and other areas of the extensive entertainment experience. Wave co-founder and CEO Adam Arrigo said: 'getting Maveron and Griffin Gaming Partners, it is our pleasure to have the support of prominent investors such as, they have been for breakthrough consumer business. A number of new strategic partners to provide additional funds to support shows that the entertainment industry is looking for a new interactive way to connect with today's digital generation. 'Wave based in Los Angeles, the company organized by some hope of digital live concert music lovers and professionals created. The company cooperate with record companies, brokerage firms and independent artists, held by pop singer virtualization as a characteristic of virtual concert. With Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber music artists such as business agent, Braun said: 'I want to with today's music and technology most visionary leaders cooperation, the industry's future depends on them. Wave is to relate these two very important industry, and USES a refreshing, in the artist first way to create transformative experience for the next generation of the concert audience. 'At present, the virtual concert is becoming more and more popular, especially during the outbreak of major festivals and live performances were cancelled. In terms of promoting digital entertainment, global super competitive online Games, the developer of the 'fortress nights' Epic Games has always been the main driver of this trend, with the famous DJ Marshmello co-chaired the a digital concert in 2019, and attracted more than 10 million music fans and gamers involved. Wave is also planning to expand into Japan and China, and on June 5 at a period with singer Tinashe digital virtual singing as a main program. For startups, sound Wave get entertainment industry veteran practitioners recognition and support, enough to prove that industry generally optimistic about the virtual show future prospects.
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