Vertigo Games this year will be issued to simulate class VR game 'Traffic Jams'

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
VR simulation application class has a lot so far, in addition to early well-known 'work simulator', 'holiday simulator', flight simulators, 'FlyInside' and so on a large number of simulation application. Now, in order to meet your vehicle command ( The traffic police) Work enthusiasm, a VR application Traffic command class simulation 'Traffic Jams' to be released. The Game by the famous zombie survival VR developers of the Arizona sun Vertigo Games, Dutch Game studios Little Chicken Game development, will be published later this year. Although this is a brand of the concept of leisure game, but the player experience but also cannot treat STH lightly. Stops all traffic lights in a city, the player will act as a city manager role, not only to keep the city traffic unimpeded, face suddenly to heaven like a meteorite, monster and so on the natural and the supernatural. Richard Stitselaar Vertigo Games general manager said: 'the Traffic Jams, don't make one style lets a person shine at the moment, the player will be able to personally manage a city in the game, and various emergency response and solve. We hope that by Vertigo Games distribution channels will recommend this game to players in the world. ' Little Chicken Game CEO Yannis Bolman said: 'through the partnership with Vertigo Games, we for the Traffic Jams, found the ideal Game publishers, Vertigo Games in the industry have high visibility and experience in Game development and distribution, believe under its operations,' Traffic Jams ', will be able to obtain a good result '. Will be the first to do the development team, said: do Oculus landing platform, but here refers to the Oculus Rift, Quest version temporarily hopeless, but should also be within the scope of development in the future. In addition, from the point of propaganda, it may also be compatible with the PS VR.
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