Varjo release VR - Head show 2 series, force's quality and photographs

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
Today, the Finnish one plus VR Varjo released two new VR head show products: VR - 2 and VR - 2 Pro。 It is reported, VR - 2 Pro is priced at $5995 and the VR - 2 sells for 4995 dollars, than VR - 1 also cheap $1000 ( Do not include base station and the handle) , at the same time, function and performance have been upgraded, what has the change, take a look at together. It is understood that VR - 2 one of the biggest characteristics is based on the original add support for SteamVR and OpenVR content ( Previously only equipped with SteamVR tracking stations) , in addition to using the next generation of Bionic Bionic screen, compared with the previous generation on the corner of visual and color consistency has improved, the look and feel more clear, natural picture. Eye tracking module is optimized, faster, calibration results more accurate. Image contrast, left: Vive Pro, right: Varjo, according to the Varjo its VR head show visual quality for optical combiner was optimized, the home screen and vice screen calibration is to optimize, and the optimization of the diffuser is decreased vice screen window screen effect. At the same time, VR - 1 will also support SteamVR content, but so far only Varjo native apis to support the resolution independent rendering, and SteamVR supports only a single resolution, in order not to give the GPU too much burden, SteamVR content at around 40 PPD on Varjo head show on the run, of course, if the GPU horsepower foot also can choose in the 60 PPD model rendering. VR - 2 Pro aspect, its price and VR - 1 the same, but get up on the function, in addition to add support for SteamVR and OpenVR content and with VR - 2 the same optimization, but also integrates Ultraleap gesture tracking module, that is to say, in the part of VR interaction, the user can use gestures to replace SteamVR handles. Gesture recognition has the advantage that experience a more natural, more stable performance, and can be used for training, industrial design, research, etc. Join Ultraleap gesture recognition weight, VR - 2 and VR - He was with VR - Pro In theory, no change (1 Is 605 g) , just the VR - More than 2 Pro a removable counterweight module ( 250克) To balance the weight. In order to show the VR head show high-definition picture B side application advantages, Varjo in website also compared with Vive Pro picture, you can see Varjo ultra-high resolution bionic screen screen brightness higher, the screen effect is not obvious, more and writing more clear. Review Varjo VR head show the basic parameters of series, its a 87 ° view Angle, and pick up 60 - 产后抑郁症( Each degree viewing Angle pixels) Resolution of bionic display, integrated 20/20 eye tracking module. It gives each eye is equipped with two monitors, a deputy AMOLED display 1440 x1600 resolution ( The refresh rate of 90 hz) , a smaller size of micro - 1920 x 1080 resolution OLED display ( The refresh rate of 60 hz) As the main screen, support by eye-tracking fixation point rendering, improving the resolution of the user's eye gaze area, the main screen fidelity equivalent to that of the photo. Previously, Varjo also launch a join XR - hd perspective module 1 first show, I believe in the appropriate time to also can expect XR - 2.
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