Under the star front edition of the Lightsaber Dojo 'entering VR experience store

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
ILMxLAB has posted a blog, VR games under the 'Star Wars: vader immortal' derivative line version: the Lightsaber Dojo 'will enter the VR experience store. It is understood that the new version named 'Lightsaber Dojo', will begin on December 19, and in the center of the Simon began offering Cinemark theater. In fact, from the name 'Lightsaber Dojo' is 'vader immortality in VR games in a particular version based on light sword play. Players can hone their own lightsaber skills and use new found power to fight the enemies and traps. The first episode of the Dojo focusing Yu Guangjian combat, and Dojo II will allow you to use the force, and manipulate such as rocks, debris and even lightsaber objects, etc. As usual, the players will need to complete the Dojo II of multiple levels to get the best reward. Learned, offline VR versions of the Lightsaber Dojo 'word experience price is 9. 99 dollars. ILMxLAB executive director at Vicki Dobbs, Beck said: 'vader immortal', you can feel the feeling of Lightsaber combat in VR, and new Lightsaber Dojo will also be able to get similar experience. You can use a lightsaber strike, hacking, style is simple and interesting. At present, Star Wars: vader immortal 'three full range has all the Oculus platform online, through the gradual game mode, let everybody into the world of Star Wars, belongs to the classic type of VR games. In addition, buy Quest in January 31, will also get three 'vader immortal' content for free. For fans of Star Wars 'vader immortality: Star Wars VR series' is an important part of the Star Wars universe, because it is regarded as a classic, fans can experience.
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