Unbridled hi! Peace of mind to play! Vr experience stores have it, you rest assured

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
This outbreak let many people begin to pay more attention to the health of living habits disinfection problem especially vr experience in shop shop customers in a timely manner after the experience of vr equipment sterilization of vr glasses can let the customer unbridled hi! Peace of mind to play! Can strengthen the recognition of customers to store again! / / the problem how to effectively and deeply disinfection vr glasses? The answer is: vr experience shops operating artifact vr simulator manufacturer glasses disinfection box is easy to use, efficient and stable, safety and environmental protection characteristics can not only allows customers to provide security for the store operation safety comfortable experience equipment is also the good helper of store promotion! / / features introduced 01 | medicine special ultraviolet disinfection sterilization in vr glasses for high efficiency, environmental protection, the UVC - 1 LED deep ultraviolet light disinfection technology, its wavelength 260 - release Deep uv 280 nm can be directly destroy bacterial and viral DNA or RNA, a rapid bactericidal effect, safe without side effects. Medical special ultraviolet sterilization function are quite obvious, especially against superbugs. 2, UVC disinfection box - LED deep ultraviolet light sterilization technology of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin resistant enterococcus, black music bacterium such as sterilization rate of more than 99%, and is more effective than the traditional hot water sterilization, changed the traditional mercury lamp disinfection unsafe factors, only 15 minutes can effectively kill bacteria; 02 | 'plug' pattern design not use USB charging ways, all kinds of flexible space environment using 03 | perfect adaptation various VR glasses 352 mm * 260 mm * 175 mm, large storage space 04 | smart convenient switch button to close the lid automatically start disinfection, safe environmental protection VR simulator manufacturer glasses disinfection box opens the brigade of health
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