Ubisoft design VR room escape game experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
XRDC in San Francisco, about how to make out of the chamber of secrets escape VR games, from ubisoft Dusseldorf studio, Cyril vorontsov, share their successful experience. Mentioned in Dusseldorf studio is mainly responsible for the experience of categories. Ubisoft has so far released two related work, and are based on 'assassins creed' of the universe. You cannot pass any current VR platform to buy, they are located in offline VR experience stores around the world. The content is developed by Dusseldorf studio inside a small team. Vorontsov, said: 'we are like a small start-up in a start-up company. We have 21 people, our team size is very small, but very agile. We want to change the world as a start-up. 'Vorontsov, points out that they were conceived of the chamber of secrets escape game concept in 2017. Studio has assembled a team of June that year, in July and then begin to build the prototype ( Eight people) 。 In October, approved projects, but members increased to 10 people. The first game of the Escape the Lost Pyramid 'the following year June issue ( At that time have 16 people) And then team set out to develop the second game, and in 2019 brought us Beyond Medusa 's Gate. The studio with the hope to able to issue the third game in 2020, and the ideal team size is 23 people. 1. In order to realize agile development, agile development ubisoft Dusseldorf studio determines the direction of policy in the first place. They are dedicated to many people experience, do not play, but also support 2 or 4 people. This is because the small puzzle games development costs to be lower. Another key is to reduce the target platform, focusing on coping with options. Vorontsov explains why only supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive pointed out: 'we have decided to experience is only supported room size, dedicated to offline VR. This is very good for us, because it means that we can set the same minimum specifications for each partner, don't have to spend too much time optimization. 'VR chamber of escape teams adopt agile development process, and depends on the rapid iteration, and the focus is on development as soon as possible can play version, and for regular one-time game testing. Vorontsov emphasize that this is their a key for success. He added: 'to make sure we tested all of these games from the start, help us to understand the quality and content of experience. 'Who would VR chamber of escape games? Vorontsov, points out that very mainstream crowd. Report pointed out that this kind of game in offline VR experience shop is very popular in all ages, and for the first time, is usually a new simple method of experience offline VR content. Team at the same time, however, need to deal with the unique limit when design experience. A single game time limit ( 60 minutes at a time) , and the mentality is different from the console players usually. People outside the home is usually in order to meet with friends, and usually is for social purposes, and further encourage the team to focus on creating multiplayer experience. In order to encourage players cooperation, the team has established a rule: you can't finish the game alone. Vorontsov pointed out: 'if you have played the game the chamber of secrets escape, sometimes some people play very fast and solve all problems. We hope that we designed a everyone can say 'no I, you simply don't weigh in hand' work. 'In order to attract players, the team hopes to design a grand and interesting game. They hope to use the core essence of VR: can transfer to a new world of fun. , 'said vorontsov VR provides you with time will people an opportunity to travel to different places. At the same time, because our nature of the target population, we need to improve the game's populist degrees. '2. Focus on people as far as possible in order to improve the experience of populist degrees, said vorontsov team adhere to the following core design principles. First of all, 'we are peace lovers. Even if you are in 'assassins creed' game, you won't kill anyone. We think it is very important, especially for our target population. 'Second,' we provide you with general character. 'Vorontsov said. Game allows players through systemic role only big games, and provides the different region amorous feelings of clothing and accessories. Then, you can pick up other adornment, such as tire and crown. Vorontsov, points out that it is very effective, and popularity is beyond the team's expectations. He said: 'this is a never tried VR players for VR moment of buying it. They realized that 'this is me, we can see each other, we can communicate with each other. ’”
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