Typhoon earthquake museum experience pavilion manufacturers how to choose the right theme park?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-30

museum experience typhoon pavilion is through 3D video technology, dynamic platform technology, and environmental effects technology combined with simulation of the formidable typhoon hit science popularization and entertainment both innovation project.

experience into the typhoon experience pavilion, take professional 3D eyes, holds the immersive experience pavilion typhoon motion platform railings, stay all safety measures, wonderful experience powerful typhoon effect can begin.

experience in addition to appear in the real effect of wind and rain lightning simulation such as typhoon, big screen will appear when the typhoon hit the beach corresponding land, 3D visual effect is very lifelike. And, in the typhoon experience pavilion, a person can play with, people play better.

the typhoon experience pavilion uniqueness is strong, less competition. As people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, to understand the nature, experience the natural phenomena, in harmony with nature, demand investment market prospect.

earthquake experience pavilion is the use of a six degrees of freedom motion platform ( , longitudinal wave and transverse wave can be simulated at the time of the earthquake shaking, etc. ) To simulate a hut, the earthquake happened in analog video broadcast when the earthquake is happening on the wall of the cabin, the simulation platform is of the hut and video at the same time when the earthquake occurred in the synchronous, synchronization of simulation of seismic shear wave and longitudinal wave, jitter and sifting, etc. Earthquake experience pavilion set of knowledge. Interesting. The scientific nature. Practicality. Pervasive in the integral whole. Experience in addition to organize people to visit. Through seismic and interactive experience. Can not regularly organize disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge lecture hall and the popular science knowledge square campaign. So as to cultivate and improve people in natural disasters self-help communal consciousness and skills. Further general enlightenment thought to respect nature and protect the environment. Improve the consciousness of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters.

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