Twelfth house offline VR experience pavilion The Void will hit San Francisco in The United States - Vr experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
Since its launch in 2016, The Void has long been regarded as The world's coolest offline VR experience pavilion. Today, The twelfth house offline VR experience pavilion The Void will log in San Francisco, location in one of The busiest commercial centre, anfield San Francisco shopping center ( 韦斯特菲尔德旧金山中心) 。 Although the specific time has not yet been published, related posters show stores will open this summer. In addition, The Void also announced plans in Hollywood, New York, Washington, d. c. , and other cities to open more offline VR experience pavilion. Currently offline VR experience hall, small VR theme parks have sprouted on a global scale as emerging, but The Void is The most famous of these. They are now in Las Vegas, Santa monica, and Toronto opened 11 offline VR experience pavilion. Among them, the 11th offline VR experience pavilion is located in Malaysia, on December 8, 2018 opening, has so far been only 5 months. Thus, The Void offline VR experience pavilion scale development is so fast. The development of The Void is inseparable from The Disney's capital injection, The more Disney's IP into The Void, including 'invincible king damage 2 VR' and 'Star Wars VR'. Compared with The Void offline VR experience pavilion hot, domestic VR industry but not look good. Especially after 16, 17 years of industry bubble burst, a common misconception is offline VR experience pavilion market because content, manufactured hardware adapter bad experience reasons such as lack of quality difficult to guarantee the sustainable development ability. This is the public perception of VR industry lags behind, stereotypes misunderstanding. Reality is VR industry after bubble baptism, 18 years began to gradually recover, huge advances in technology, user data, after the return to rational development, can be found that the reasonable demand for human being, rather than a flash in the pan stunt. The reality is offline classification in VR experience pavilion forms, rough classification is as follows: VR experience hall 1. 0: experience form is given priority to with egg chair VR, riding experience, more than form for a dozen square mall atrium; VR experience 2. 0: experience form represented by many people interaction, vive to HTC mooring head show experience is given priority to, the store form of rental shops dozens to hundreds of square; VR experience hall 3. 0: experience form for whole feeling experience, through a variety of devices and design based on visual enjoy hearing and touch smell and other analog feedback, mostly small shops form independent theme park, or a large part of The theme park experience area, The representative of The Void. VR experience hall 1. 0 form there is a shrinking market, the lack of ability of sustainable development, however, VR experience 2. Selective 0 has been in the market, although the market is not low however each region has 2 of survival. 0 mode experience pavilion. VR experience hall 3. 0 mode is common in foreign countries, China is beginning. From the point of the next three years, 1. 0 mode will not disappear, but will be less and less, 2. 0 mode experience pavilion to become the main force of VR experience pavilion, become the VR industry the most direct contact with the user's entry, 3. 0 mode at major theme park will be appear one by one, has become a standard trend of the theme park. In addition the quickening pace of 5 g commercial, VR technology is also usher in a better opportunity, let us look forward to the development of VR industry! At The same time also looking forward to The Void of offline VR experience home can login! VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR, AR, MR, AI technology, science and technology innovation is the integrated hardware and software research and development, the integration of content customization, design, construction, production and sales and marketing services as one of the high-tech enterprise. Launch three series of VR games equipment, dozens of VR equipment product, contains a variety of VR games types. VR games equipment products are exported to at home and abroad, all over the world exports to Britain and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 20 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. VR simulator manufacturer to 'for the masses bring happiness, create value for customers 'as our mission, is committed to bring profit for customer, become your best partner! Provide one-stop VR experience pavilion to join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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