Tourism new opportunities, VR + tour or will create a new era!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

for a long time, the game has been regarded as the main battleground of the VR, but with the development of VR technology, the VR and fusion of various industries development situation. Of course, tourism will not miss this wave technology. Let's discuss today's VR + travel application cases, to see how VR open in a new era of travel.

VR technology can effectively solve the major pain points of tourism:

1, tourist time nervous, attractions details can't see clearly.

2, the scenery is seasonal, inevitable will miss.

3, the scenery is very low, interactive experience is insufficient, viscosity is poor.

4, single image packaging, need to display more tools.

scenic area can use panoramic VR attract visitors. Most visitors will know in advance before travel environment and facilities. At this point, the scenic area of the panoramic map of VR just meet the needs of the customer. Multiple views, through the panoramic personalized display in order to attract tourists to the customer. Landscape maps can be nested in a panoramic VR, can make the viewers through the Internet and smart devices free shuttle between the scenic area, in order to understand each scenic spot.

VR to break the limit of time and region, the visitors can do it anytime and anywhere, as it were, to enjoy the shock of audio-visual feast. With the advent of 5 g, high speed, low latency function will help visitors experience the true scene feeling experience, VR and deepen the experience of tourists.

application of VR technology exhibition at the museum, cultural tourism, cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage of the show, can make visitors through time and space, experience and historical relics, beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, for example, the interactivity and strengthening tourist attractions and watch.

by experience VR content, visitors can also learn the history of the scenic spots in the vertical direction.

virtual reality for the scenic spot has brought more possibilities. Believe that through the VR technology and cultural tourism depth fusion, can produce more distinctive tourism mode, promote the upgrading of the whole tourism industry.

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