Today's VR market considerable income?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-02
With VR technology progress unceasingly, VR equipment is in constant improvement, in 5 g high speed, low latency, under the background of big connections, VR as a tool of practical gradually highlights, in the video, marketing, music and games market show a rapid growth trend, the VR market income how? Market research institutions Technavio recently issued a research report, the report showed the VR market income will reach 1251 in 2024. 900 million dollars. In addition, the report also shows that the new global champions league virus outbreak of will gradually decreases, and the influence of the global market of VR 2020 VR market growth will not cause too big effect. In addition, the report is expected to health care business affected by the outbreak, the smallest and monitoring, clinical diagnosis and emergency services will still increase in 2020, and clearly pointed out to the field of industrial maintenance will be the fastest growth in the next five years. In the past decades because of VR technology in side B and C are obtained using end market, VR penetration rate is improved. In recent years, thanks to technological innovation, VR hardware brands are taking 'lightweight' populist line, make a lot of VR head into the public life, greatly reduce the distance between the public and to expand the user's market, for a variety of light venture entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for investment. In 2020, for example, commercial spending will account for nearly half of the annual VR spending. With VR training ( $1. 3 billion) And AR industrial maintenance ( 3. $75. 7 billion) Led by; While consumer spending is dominated by two major parts, respectively is VR games ( $3 billion) And VR video ( $1. 2 billion) Drive, and the family entertainment demand, consumer spending will be in the future in 2020 VR market occupy a larger proportion. , on the other hand, according to the latest release of the IDC global enhancement and virtual reality spending guide, according to 2020, VR market related expenditure scale will reach 106. Compared with 35 $700 million, compared with 2019. A gain of 3%, and the prediction of the previous period 78. Compared to 5% fell by about half. But IDC expects the forecast period, 2020 - 2024) CAGR (5 years Compound annual growth rate) Still will reach 76. 9%, indicating that the outbreak of the global market of inhibition of for a short time. Now its basic stability, for the VR remove an obstacle to the development of the market. VR technology is not only popular in VR games, and in such aspects as education, healthcare, retail, and training are also popular, many offline VR experience pavilion has been continuously spread to people's life, it also greatly promote the development of VR markets around the world. With the popularity of fragmentation consumption, VR gaming experience pavilion has gradually become a good place for the recreation for the people of the current VR industry are moving in the high speed development stage, the content of ecological tend to be more perfect, the market prospect of the VR is so good, you still worrying about its considerable income?
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