The Void and SONY pictures will launch new offline VR experience store

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
Beginning in 2016, VR virtual reality technology began in the global scope widely mentioned. Entered since 2019, with the improvement of software and hardware technology, VR experience first opened the breakthrough in the field of offline entertainment, gamers are full of expectation. And recently, The Void opened a new store in San Francisco, in an interview, chief creative officer, Curtis Mr Ackermann said to SONY pictures co-produced offline VR to experience a new shop. And, at The same time, points out that they plan to bring more original IP to The Void, offline VR experience store. A SONY pictures, according to the Variety of spokesman has confirmed the cooperation of both sides, but declined to give details of the cooperation of IP, remain a mystery, expect for passengers. Mr Ackermann said, 'we have refused to too much IP. 'Company to enter the offline VR experience store type is very strict. They first offline VR experience store support experience is based on the 'ghost death squads' of the universe, is a product of cooperation with SONY pictures at the same time. They then cooperate with Disney, brought fans based on 'Star Wars' and 'invincible destroy king' series of immersive VR works. In addition, the company is going to launch another content based on diffuse wei universe. At The same time, The Void has been developing its own IP, including The horror novels 'Nicodemus'. Bush said, the original IP's advantage is more flexibility, and this helps companies to promote their own technology. For example, the technology developed for 'Nicodemus' ultimately based on 'VR' invincible king of destruction: make the Internet provides the help. So, the company will continue to push forward own IP creation. The chief creative officer said: 'I think we will see more later in The Void content. 'The Void has previously announced plans to open 25 offline VR experience store, and recently has been The world trade center in New York, and San Francisco, shopping center open field ( The latter temporarily open in this famous shopping center on the fourth floor, but the team plan later in the year moved to the food court) 。 Speaking of THE Void THE VR company, their first in THE United States launched in June 2016, THE first VR theme park, from THE content development, park construction, to THE user's glasses, vest, gloves, completely independent development. This week in vancouver in 2016 TED audience will have The opportunity to experience some of The world's most advanced virtual reality and augmented reality, including The Void custom head and touch The vest. Based in Utah, start-ups created the advanced virtual entertainment center. The company so far in Las Vegas, Orlando, Santa monica, cities like Toronto and dubai operates 14 offline VR experience store. The company raised $20 million so far, investors including the media mogul rupert murdoch's son James murdoch. We are looking forward to The Void cooperation with SONY pictures new new offline VR experience store, more looking forward to The future of VR virtual reality technology will bring The change of our life and entertainment.
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