The typhoon experience pavilion, the typhoon pavilion building brand

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

have you ever to experience a grade 12 typhoons, make you feel like you're in the typhoon center, these experiences can experience pavilion in the typhoon, the typhoon pavilion, to enjoy. Typhoon experience pavilion, pavilion building brand, typhoon fuhua digital agriculture more than 10 years, the industry of science and technology with independent intellectual property rights, and has a unique experience in construction operation. I can give you on the construction, operation and fine provide invaluable experience. Construction can save you money at the same time, bring to you as soon as possible operation effect, shorten the valuable grope for time. Typhoons fuhua digital experience pavilion, pavilion of video resources, with independent intellectual property rights, independent development. Can have the experience with 3D eyes, felt like in the sea, and meet the bad weather, the strongest typhoon, through virtual reality and multimedia effects, let you feel immersive feel. Typhoons if you want to build experience pavilion, pavilion, these are not the same configuration, simple, standard, or a higher standard. The requirements of each different, the configuration is different also, of course, these configurations in fuhua digital technology can provide, meet your requirements. Let you experience hall, let consumer experience, want to come again next time.

although coast is the place where the typhoon often come, mainland people some more don't understand what is the typhoon, increased their curiosity. Typhoons can through this experience pavilion, pavilion, for mainland Chinese to understand the typhoon, also can let the coastal people more clear understanding. In the next time the typhoon came, prepared to deal with, reduce the loss. And experience hall admission price is not high, basically all is 30 yuan, mass consumption, so it is a very good price, don't miss this great project.

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