The typhoon experience pavilion is?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-16

fuhua intelligent technology experience typhoon pavilion

what is a typhoon experience pavilion?

a typhoon is a kind of inevitable phenomenon. China's coastal area is large, the typhoon in China's coastal, it to disasters and the losses resulting from the coastal cities in China is difficult to measure. The typhoon is a kind of inevitable phenomenon. China's coastal area is large, the typhoon in China's coastal, it to disasters and the losses resulting from the coastal cities in China is difficult to measure.

fuhua typhoon experience pavilion

fuhua typhoon experience pavilion, is according to the phenomenon of the typhoon, simulate the typhoon virtual reality scene. By infrastructure simulation, environment simulation facilities and control system composition and technology on the wind flow control system, sensor system, computer control system, image simulation system, sound system, automatic grading system, etc. Can be used to simulate the real environment of typhoon occurs, make people feel immersive experience. Can also simulate the typhoon level and duration, these are all from the console Settings in advance. Can also according to customer requirements to make.

what are the advantages of the typhoon experience pavilion?

fuhua typhoon experience pavilion to popularize knowledge of typhoon, enhance the typhoon knowledge, improve the ego to protect consciousness, improve the ability of response to earthquakes and other emergencies, the thrust of the typhoon. Adopted some high-tech display, in order to increase the typhoon simulation knowledge, interest and participation, interactive, refreshing. Because it integrates modern display means such as film and television technology, photoelectric technology, which make the typhoon simulation display content and form as the starting point, technology content high, full of era characteristics.

the typhoon pavilion main configuration

the typhoon ship motion platform, handrails guardrail, raincoat, strobes, powerful fan, control host, broadcast system, metal screen, sound system, control system, etc.

simulation system

the typhoon experience pavilion project adopts the most advanced multimedia and imaging technology, simulation in real space grade 12 typhoons, experience put on your raincoat, after entering the typhoon experience centre area, experience the lights gradually out of the chamber. Multimedia presentation grade 12 typhoons are brewing, the increase of wind, level 5, 6, 7, thunder and lightning, ear mingled with the wind and thunder. Everybody handrail, mutual help, from 8 up to 12th, people can't stand independently, stagger, typhoon rolled up the waves came, roll, ships, cars, levee, buildings were suddenly burst and huge wind mixed with majestic heavy rain, typhoon JingSheng fear, let a person to shock effect, the influence of type of visual, auditory, tactile that get all aspects of the experience would feel.

the typhoon simulation system according to the historical experience based on real data of typhoon, the typhoon is approaching warning, the wind rain, continue coming typhoon, winds and lightning storm, typhoon center, in the quiet before the next wave of storm, typhoon die away, through the disaster.

in the numerical simulation of typhoon experience real typhoon feel the power of nature, the fear of the typhoon, the test of adolescents in the disaster tolerance, the final purpose of education.

the characteristics of typhoon simulation system

& bull; Experience in the real situation, comprehensive simulation scene scene typhoon & bull; Simulation of the real-time simulation of typhoon & bull; Imagery and typhoon real-time synchronization, immersive typhoon wind & bull; With lightning, rain, smoke effects, to create a real typhoon environment & bull; System simple operation, automatic operation system following the start & bull; Typhoon experience platform to simulate multiple typhoon typhoon disaster grade change effect as the main line, highlight the natural human knowledge, reveals the nature, improve people's awareness of the typhoon, to prevent, in the typhoon comes to take the necessary self-help measures. • Combined with the adoption of advanced simulation platform, the structure is compact, simulation environment image is clear and reliable operation. With the sound system, along with the changes in the level of the typhoon, produce different sound effects, voice system also introduce different typhoon accordingly. The typhoon pavilion profit model: video length: 8 & ndash; — Operating time: 15 minutes every day for 10 & ndash; — 12 hours per hour calculated on 4 screenings, cinema single-game can block 6 people, one day there can be a maximum of 240 & ndash; — 288 people watch. Tickets at 20 & ndash; — 40 logo ( Specific see city consumption level) From Monday to Friday, as 80 people day, month income = 20 * 80 * 22 = 35200: on Saturday and Sunday as 200 day, month income = 20 * 200 * 8 = 32000 month average turnover is: 67200 yuan. Cinema rent at 5000 yuan/month, staff salary: 6000 yuan/month, other ( The electricity and water) 3000 yuan/month average operating cost: 14000 yuan - 67200 yuan 14000 yuan = profit: January 53200 profits: $53200 * 12 = 638400

the typhoon experience's request there is no limit to the venue, the typhoon simulation system is completely according to the reasonable design, is easy to site requirement, as long as the site is not too small, low, can according to the size to the size of the typhoon simulation to the construction of venues.

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