The tribeca film festival will be changed to online VR film

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
Affected by the global new crown virus outbreak, announced the tribeca film festival organizers had to delay its preparation activities held in April. At present, the development of the tribeca film festival has become the largest one of VR and other forms of interactive storytelling activities, its scheduled for April 15th to 26th of April, but at present the organizers have not announced that the film festival to open date. But let a person feel gratified that the tribeca film festival activities will be held in the online selection of VR films, including the tribeca film festival launched Cinema360 immersive experience, and cooperation with Oculus show a series of VR. Details, at the tribeca film festival which Cinema360 panoramic video content shows, will work with Oculus for display in the Oculus TV broadcast. It is understood that the tribeca Cinema360 film festival, a total of four themes, altogether 15 VR film, in which each topic length about 30 - the SWF file is playing 40 minutes. And Cinema360 is now one of the important of VR film, tribeca in VR panoramic film built for several years, the earliest dates back to 2013, was held based on LBS VR immersive art, attracted numerous original VR films such as after start. After including The BBC VR film 'doctor who', 'The Key' are on display in The tribeca film festival. At the tribeca film festival activities online selection of VR movies choice span the range from the different style such as science fiction, horror, romance, comedy movies, there are 10 film belongs to its world premiere. In addition, The Oculus announced it will release 2019 Tribeca Storyscapes Award winner film 'The Key', it will land on Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest platform. Film and immersive senior programmer loren hammonds said: 'I hope that through online selection of VR movies at the tribeca film festival activities, fans all over the world to provide significant VR movies, cohesion through films will fans around the world together. ”
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