The Synth Riders 'cross-platform 5 people at the same time

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
The Synth Riders 'is popular VR music rhythm game, similar to' Beat the Saber '. Two games, however, a somewhat different way in terms of custom song. Issued the game using the official store, and then can be custom by SideQuest platform game songs, of course it is also the official support custom song way, because the music claims from the Synth Riders 'website. 'Beat the Saber 'issued the official store, adopted the custom official does not support the Quest end songs. But, after the official tools BeatOn short time support custom Quest end, and generate the corresponding to the APK, the Synth Riders, initially as a single game in the PC VR and Oculus on the Quest. Now, the studio released the cross-platform multiplayer mode, can make as many as five players at the same time. In addition to the multiplayer function, the game update include redesigned user interface, a new song, 战争Nutronic的“代码”) The new stage, “抽象”) , new image, new sounds, new map editor, etc. Creative director Abraham Aguero Benzecri, said the Synth Riders, 'added the multiplayer mode will be able to attract more attention to social elements of players to experience. Kludge Interactive user experience on the game and visual style is improved, the redesigned menu, can be viewed in choosing songs and music package for smoother, more intuitive experience. The Synth Riders 'landed on the Oculus Store last year and Steam head show, in the' ten best VR exercise fitness applications '. There are more than 15000 people have been in the use of the software to help them lose weight and using the VR form of exercise. For like players with VR exercise burns calories, the Synth Riders 'certainly is a good choice. Kluge Interactive will release the Synth Riders, the next major update 'company Swing Essentials', including Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry and Electric Swing Circus the latest songs. At present, the Synth Riders 'in Steam platform launched a discount of 35%.
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