The Swiss VR - 所有- - - Art works of Art VR purchase platform will be online

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
Because of the influence of the global pandemic, most museums, art museum, art galleries and other cultural institutions can open to the public. For this reason, the Swiss manufacturer VR - 所有- - - Art is launched a VR platform - — VR - 所有- - - Art, can help and support Art preview and buy online. VR - 所有- - - Art platform release original plan before the end of may, the platform for artists, collectors, Art museum, the museum of Art collection of self-employed individuals or institutions provide free online exhibition of works of Art. Through this service, art lovers from all over the world can watch and buy works of art in the form of immersive experience. As VR - 所有- - - Art platform release date approaches, VR - 所有- - - Art calls for more cultural institutions in close during free to join to the platform, through the way of online exhibition Art attracted wide Art lovers. VR - 所有- - - Art, founder and CEO Vitomir Jevremovic said: 'the VR - 所有- - - Art is a future-oriented VR Art exhibition platform, here, Art lovers from all of the world and Art collectors can enter into the Art of the virtual world. Our original plan was launched the platform before end of may, but all through the untiring efforts of the development team and the company for a strong vision combines art and VR, prompted us to VR - 所有- - - Art platform release ahead of time, to ensure that personal Art collectors and institutions of Art will be made public as soon as possible. 'In VR - 所有- - - Art platform, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the artist Carlos Quintana, IvanaIvkovi level work and 13 to 17 th-century European old master masterpiece. Art lovers to be worn by VR head show log on to the platform and art to watch and buy, it is understood that the platform is compatible with HTC Vive, steam Index, the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest first show.
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