The sichuan earthquake experience pavilion, to teach you some knowledge of the earthquake

by:Fuhua     2020-11-20

the earthquake was a disaster, it is difficult to avoid technology now though so developed, but sometimes when the earthquake happened, still can not be avoided. The sichuan earthquake experience pavilion, fuhua intelligent technology to teach you some knowledge of earthquake, let you experience some when after the earthquake, and master some earthquake survival skills.

1。 For you and your family's personal safety solid furniture such as hiding in the table below, please.

should consider above all is yourself and your family's safety. First of all, in the center of gravity low, firm and strong from under the table, and hold tightly the table leg. When there is no table available for hiding places, such as no matter how, also want to use the content such as cushion to protect the head.

2。 When shaking immediately turn off the heat, fire extinguishing immediately.

was even small earthquake from the usual habit of turn off the heat.

in order not to make the fire disaster, the family since needless to say, help each other between neighbors, practice strict early suppression is extremely important.

3。 Don't panic to run outside!

after the earthquake, run to the outside in a panic, broken glass, tiles on the roof, billboards, falls in the body, is very dangerous. In addition, concrete slab wall, vending machines also are in danger of collapse, don't get close to the object.

4。 Open the door, to ensure that export

houses of reinforced concrete structure, dislocation caused by earthquake shaking will doors and Windows, dozen don't open the door, happened some examples of sealed in the room. Please open the door, to ensure that the export. At ordinary times to go one thousand are kept in the house, how to escape method, ladders, ropes and ready.

5。 Outdoor occasions, we must protect the head, to avoid danger.

in the bustling street, LouQu, is the most dangerous of the window, the content such as billboard fell down and hurt people. Pay attention to the hand or bag to protect the head.

6。 In department stores, theatre act as instructed by the staff.

in department stores, such as underground street staff more places, the most terrible is chaos. Please indicate in accordance with the shop clerk, guards to action. In terms of the earthquake, underground street is said to be safe. Even after a power outage, emergency light will light up immediately, please act calmly. Such as fire, will immediately filled with smoke. To keep the body posture, and do not smoke.

7。 Cars must be parked on the roadside, controlled area.

when a major earthquake, the car will be like a tyre frustrated, unable to grasp the steering wheel, it is difficult to drive. Must pay full attention to, avoid crossing will be stopped the car by the side of the road. In order not to interfere with shelter evacuation and emergency vehicle traffic, to the middle part of the way. When it is necessary to take refuge, to not be involved in fire, please close the window, the car keys in the car, don't lock the door, and action with the local people.

8。 Be sure to pay attention to the landslide, rockfall precipice, or a tsunami.

at the edge of the mountain, steep slope area, with the risk of landslides, rockfalls precipice, take refuge quickly to a safe place.

9。 Asylum to hike, belongings should be minimal.

the fire caused by the earthquake, the spread of combustion, a crisis of life, personal safety and so on, to take refuge. Method, taking refuge in principle to citizens of disaster prevention for the unit, such as organization and streets in the head and the police led to take refuge at the way on foot, carrying goods should be minimal. Absolutely cannot use car, bicycle shelter.

10。 Don't listen to gossip, don't make a move.

when a major earthquake, people are prone to psychological. To prevent confusion, each person on the basis of the correct information, act calmly, is very important. From carrying the radio and so on, to grasp the correct information. Believe that from the government, police, fire disaster prevention agencies such as the information directly, not credulous irresponsible gossip, don't make a move.

the above basic seismic information, or if you want to better and safer to experience an earthquake, you should go to earthquake experience pavilion, to experience, where you can experience the more better place at that time, the earthquake, to improve their consciousness of the earthquake, play a very important role.

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