The real experience of the hut

by:Fuhua     2020-11-02

today, I am a few square metre in this earthquake experience pavilion cabin, complete doors and Windows, into the room, display similar to ordinary families put, through experience, I clearly felt the house what had happened. Staff then turn off the starter, the shaking stops.

a few seconds later, when we come, after the second wave of shock is coming, the earthquake experience pavilion hut next to the crack of glass Windows, and broken, houses there shaking violently, created a thin crack beams, dust fall. Then, quietly come more violent shaking, the snow outside the window is the wind blow into the room, beams appear larger crack.

when we are together to eat, of course not felt the earthquake experience pavilion, hut the benefits of, now I know for severe shaking quietly coming, beams appear larger crack, hanging on the wall painting and calligraphy fell on the ground.

in this room, I finally experienced an earthquake experience pavilion hut to experience things, by the mountain hut in home Settings are now a magnitude 9 earthquake scene, the cabin is to set the level 6 at the time.

by experience the earthquake experience pavilion, I deeply experienced impression on me, at the time when the earthquake came, I was very afraid of, at the time of that a moment, I am scared, I'm much better, I hope that disaster never occurred. A lot of friends through experience, suggests that turned out to be a subject to, I hope, through this experience, I hope, after the disaster don't happen again.

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