The popular science safety education include aspects of what?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-22

today we here and you take a look at what about science popularization of safety education include? Here we mainly from traffic, daily life, natural disasters and other ways, so do what? Then we'll take a look at.

a, traffic safety education.

2, daily life safety ( Against electric shock, including gas zhi, poison, fire prevention, housework in safety, food hygiene safety, etc. ) 。

3, activities, safety education ( Including movement environment and the safety of equipment, the safety of the physical education, swimming, skating, outdoor activities, games, set off firecrackers, crowded public security, etc. ) 。

4, self-protection education of natural disasters ( Including water fire, storm, lightning attacks, earthquakes, etc. ) 。

5, the education of public security ( Including the rogue, fraud, robbery, hijacking, kidnapping, as well as, etc. ) 。

6, accident treatment education.

1, the safety production of ideological education from recognize the thought and theory significance to improve the quality of production safety, to enhance care for people and protect the sense of responsibility. 3 it is through safe production policy, policy, education, improve the level of employees at all levels of thought, to better carry out the safety guidelines, policies, laws and regulations.

2, production safety knowledge education

accept safety knowledge education and take part in school according to the rules of safety training every year. The main content of the basic knowledge of safety education is:

3, theory and method of safety management education

every worker to be familiar with this type of work, post professional safety technical knowledge. Safe technology knowledge is more specialized, detailed and in-depth knowledge. It includes security technology, labor health and safety operation procedures.

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